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Dr. John Kong Reviews

I was referred to Dr. Kong by my dentist for a periodontal consultation. Dr. Kong is gifted dentist that uses advanced technology in the dental field. He has a professional, pleasant bedside manner.

He explained what my issue was, the treatment, and the cost. I was extremely fearful especially since I have heard horror stories of gum surgery. However, Dr. Kong explained that it would be unproblematic and painless. Guess what? He was right! His expertise and skills make the periodontic work PAINLESS!!!


Dr Kong truly exceeds expectation than any other dentist I have ever visited. I had to do a dental implant restoration with little to no record of my implant because of the country It was completed in but given Dr Kong expertise in this department, he was able to accurately describe what kind of implant it was through an X-ray and was able to successfully restore it within 1 hour. He is no ordinary dentist, he’s clearly one of the best out there! Also 5 starts for Sue, his receptionist… she’s one of a kind!


Today was my first visit in this dentistry and I must applaud everyone for their kind curiosity. The dentist himself has gifted hands he is such a patient, ready to listen to any of your questions and very friendly person. I’m looking forward on my next appointment. Oh I forget to mention if their was a 100 stars I will surely had put that up.


Dr. Kong is always patient in answering my questions and explaining what I can do to keep up my dental health. I have some pretty serious bone loss issues but he helped me do a deep-cleaning and it’s stemmed the damage. Highly recommend Dr. Kong!


I just completed my first implant with Dr. Kong. The whole process of tooth extraction, bone grafting, and the implant was done with great care. I generally have problems with anesthesia, but Dr. Kong made sure my mouth was completely numb before any procedure. I give Dr. Kong my highest recommendation for those looking for tooth implant.


Dr Kong is simply outstanding. I have had plenty of dental work over the years, including several root canals, an implant, oral surgery etc. Dr. Kong is the only dentist that 1-said an additional procedure might be necessary but turned out NOT to be! (no additional payment for him) 2-in the space of a single 1 hour appointment he efficiently and effectively resolved 3 different issues – normally by an average dds would take and cost me to pay for at least 3 different appointments. I was really very impressed with his skill – never have seen a dentist work so fast without rushing and so competently. After all my experience with other dentists, I truly cannot recommend him enough and feel extremely lucky to have found him.


I just moved to the city and was nervous about finding a trustworthy dentist. I took a shot at Dr. Kong and his team and I’m so glad I did! Really felt like I was in good hands from start to finish. It’s a great office with an even better office manager. Pooja was an absolute dream to work with, was helpful in walking me through my insurance coverage (and was right on in her estimation!) and made the whole process so enjoyable. She’s hands down the best office manager I’ve ever worked with! Love this place!


After years of dealing with incompetent and crooked dentists, I am happy to have found Dr. Kong.

My reasons:

1. When I first to went to see Dr. Kong over a year ago, I had a feeling I would need a root canal. I was concerned because a previous root canal performed by a general dentist went very badly. But, Dr. Kong sent me to a skilled endodontist, Dr. Steven Svetcov, who flawlessly completed the root canal. I can appreciate it when a medical professional, especially a dentist, will refer a patient to a specialist when needed.

2. Following the root canal, Dr. Kong successfully placed two crowns in my mouth. There was no pain or discomfort, either during the placement or afterwards. The crowns look good and have held up well so far.

3. Dr. Kong took the time to explain the procedures to me and answered all my questions.

4. Dr. Kong was flexible enough to accommodate me at both his Manhattan and Queens offices.

5. Unlike with other dentists I have dealt with, I never felt that Dr. Kong was pushing any unnecessary or expensive work.

In addition to the above, Dr. Kong performs the dental cleanings himself and his staff is pleasant to deal with.


Dr. Kong is great!! I’ve been going to him for a few years now. Make sure you do what you’re supposed to do to take care of your teeth though because he will definitely tell you about yourself in a nice way. You can tell he really cares about his patients.

There is never a long wait, you arrive for your appointment and he’s ready for you. When you’re in the chair he’s gentle and he makes sure you’re comfortable.

Sue at reception is very sweet as well. She recognizes me right away even after I’ve been away for quite a few months. She addresses me by name and is very cordial.

Dr. Kong’s assistant is great as well.

Everyone is professional & caring. I’ve recommended him to many even though they didn’t take my recommendation I’d still recommend this office.

If you have a really stressful procedure Dr. Kong will even call you later that evening to check up on you. That’s amazing.


Dr. Kong is the best dentist ever!! A super professional and pleasant person to be receiving care for. He listens really well to both dental concerns and personal conversation questions, and puts in care into his answers and work. I also like that he doesn’t hesitate to let you know if something is wrong with your mouth, and would suggest ways for you to fix it even if he wouldn’t be the one doing the work.

Him and his team always give patients a nice experience, starting even before you walk through the door, thanks to Zocdoc reminders as well as pleasant and easy phone interaction. Their office is also very comfortable and clean, and he never makes you wait long. Wonderful dentist and wonderful office.


This is the only dentist you need to go to in NYC. Period. Dr. Kong is the most talented, most kind, most thorough, most patient, most skilled dentist I’ve been to since living here in New York. Don’t waste your time asking for a million and one dentist referrals, and just head straight to one of Dr. Kong’s offices in Manhattan or Queens. You can thank me later…